Registration and rules

To All Participants of Celestina Popa Gymnastics

Welcome to our club! We strive to ensure that your child's gymnastics experience is a positive and rewarding one. Gymnastics is a great building tool for improving gross motor skills, flexibility, coordination, strength and it promotes self-confidence. Safety is an important aspect of gymnastics activities, and we would like to ask for your cooperation in implementing our rules. Here we go!

The office will be open on Thursdays 4-7pm. Please send us an email at if you have any questions and for the fastest response time.

Thank you for choosing Celestina Popa Gymnastics Inc.

The Spring session (Tues April 2nd -Mon June 24th) registration is ongoing online. The gym will be closed on Monday, May 20th (Victoria Day)

Link to register:

Registration for the Summer 2024 Session running from July -August (8 weeks summer session or 3 day camps) will start on Sat. June 1st at 10:00 am and the program will be up for viewing on May 15th

Please check our Code of Conduct, thank you!

Please check our Code of Conduct posted on this page or in the document Code of Conduct, thank you!

- In addition to class fee we will charge an yearly registration/insurance fee (valid from Sept 1 until Aug 31 next year).

-The class price is calculated per semester and will be pro-rated only for the members that register after the semester starts.

-Payment to be made at time of registration.

The gym and the office are CLOSED on statutory holidays

Important Reminders:

* Arrive to the gym 5 minutes early

* Drop off is only available at the front entrance and we have parking available at the back of our building. PLEASE DO NOT park in other businesses' parking lots especially not the Centre Stage Dance Studio or LUCO concrete (across from us).

* When you drop your child off, leave them at the door (we prefer parents not to come into the gym as space is limited).

* Unfortunately, we do not offer viewings. We do not have a seating area within the gym nor a viewing window for parents to watch their children. Adults are not permitted in the gym. This policy was in place pre-Covid19 and is not a result of the pandemic. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis (anxiety, medical needs etc). During warm weather, the gym doors at the back parking lot will be open and parents are allowed to sneak a peek. Please note that if you choose to watch your child through the back gym doors, the expectation is that coaches and athletes will not be disturbed or distracted by guests.

* For PARENT & TOT classes, please send only ONE parent per child.

* Please send a water bottle with your child and have them wear comfortable clothing. Tie long hair back in a ponytail. Female gymnasts can wear a leotard/bodysuit or an athletic one-piece bathing suit. We offer locally-made gym bodysuits/leotards at great prices from $20 to $35 (tax included). Cash, chq (made payable to Andreea Szilaghi) or E-T at: (use the password “Celestina”). They can also wear stretchy t-shirts and shorts if they like. Male gymnasts are required to wear shorts. Cotton blends are excellent choices. Bare feet inside the gym.

* Parents, please pick up your children on time. When classes are completed, all athletes must leave promptly.

* If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email at:

* Wearing a face mask is a personal choice for staff/coaches and athletes.

Heath and safety:

Please keep your child at home…

If they are feeling unwell, have a fever, cough and/or headache. If they are contacted regarding Covid-19 exposure or have tested positive in the last 14 days. By attending club activities, the athlete and guardians of the athlete understand and assume any and all risks associated with potential exposure to the Covid -19 virus. Please notify us by email if your child will miss training.

By attending club activities, the parent /guardian and child understand and assume all risks associated with potential exposure of COVID-19.


Refund Policy

1.If the session has not yet started and it's at least 48h /2 days prior to commencement, all members are eligible for a refund of the full session's cost less a $20.00 administration fee. Requests for withdrawal MUST be done in writing to

2. NO REFUNDS will be issued after the second class. For withdrawals after the first class but before the second class, the cost of the first class will be retained per child and an administration fee of $20.00. (Plus applicable taxes).

3. Credit will only be given mid-session to athletes with serious injuries (i.e. fractures) and a doctor's note. A pro-rated credit will be issued for the balance of the remaining classes to be used for the next available session ONLY

4. No credit or refund will be issued if a second child (sibling) is withdrawn.

5. Illness or self isolation: Unfortunately, no refunds nor credits will be provided for illness or isolation.

6. Make Up Classes: We are at full capacity and we are not able to offer make up classes.

7. Cancelled classes will be announced on our website at, our Facebook page, or please listen to our answering machine at 604-459-4458 if you are in doubt.

8. Celestina Popa Gymnastics Inc. accepts payments from any organization that sponsors families (JumpStart, KidSport and ISPARC). Full payment is required in advance of the start date of the session. Please contact the sponsor early to secure payment/funding before the session starts otherwise parents complete payment and will be reimbursed after their funding has arrived. Please mention the organization's name when registering. If the amount given by the organization is less than the cost/semester, the parents pay the cost difference.

Our refund policy applies to all our recreational programs including FALL, WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER CAMPS.

Thank you for your continued support!

For Parents of Pre-Competitive, Interclub Athletes:

Selection for these program is made by Celestina only.

Withdrawing from the program must be received in writing, one month notice is required.

Unfortunately, telephone cancellations will not be considered valid. Students withdrawing permanently from program will have cheques returned, with the exception of the month in progress.

NSF fee is $20.

Code of Conduct

The safety of participants, coaches and staff is essential at Celestina Popa Gymnastics Inc. (CPG). All participants, parents/guardians and coaches/staff at Celestina Popa Gymnastics Inc. deserve to be treated with care, respect, compassion and to never experience harassment. By following our Codes of Conduct, we can all achieve full participation in our activities within a culture that celebrates and appreciates each other. The coaches, during the course of training, communicate standards of behaviours and expectations to the participant. CPG follows the directives set out by Gymnastics Canada and Gymnastics BC for the safety, and well-being of participants, coaches and staff. This adherence allows CPG to keep the interests of the participant at the forefront of our minds while they train.

Participant Code of Conduct:

As participants in the programs at Celestina Popa Gymnastics Inc., your child affects and influences a wide range of people every day - from younger, impressionable participants, to teammates and coaches, to the greater community. Our expectations of our participants are as follows:

Participants should always listen to their coach.

• Treat their team, other participants, coaches, staff, judges, and volunteers with courtesy, respect and understanding; participants in all programs are expected to be socially and emotionally capable of conducting themselves appropriately with their peers and coaches. They should be able to actively participate in all scheduled activities of the program.

• Respect their training facility, maintain cleanliness and avoid causing damage; no participant is allowed on any equipment without permission from the coach. Equipment is for training and skill development.

• Participate in the spirit of fair play and honesty. No matter what class you are training in, you are all training in the facility together. Participants, are expected to be respectful to their teammates, other participants and coaches. It is everybody's responsibility to make the training environment a respectful, fun, and encouraging one. It's all in the spirit of true sportsmanship. Shouting/talking loudly to the point of being distracting, rude and/or demeaning language, disrespect to coaches or teammates is not acceptable.

• Ensure the safety of others when taking part in activities. Non-instructional running is not allowed. Participants should walk from place to place. Watch where you walk and be mindful of other participants and classes. Please be respectful and mindful to all visitors in the lobby/waiting area. Enter and exit the facility in an orderly fashion.

• Show pride in the facility you train at. The coaches and staff at CPG are working for you to establish or build upon the foundation for active participation in sport for life, to stay healthy and be mentally active. Participants are expected to be respectful of their surroundings i.e., the facility they train at and the equipment they use.

• Proper attire is to be worn while attending classes: tight fitting bottoms and an appropriate, comfortable top is acceptable attire. Examples of unacceptable attire: tops with low, scoop necks; loose tops and loose pants/shorts, pajamas. For competitions, the Celestina Popa Gymnastics Inc. team uniform must be worn at all times (black bike shorts can be worn over top of the bodysuit to compete). Participants are expected to train in bare feet.

Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct:

Parents/Guardians play an incredibly important role in the success of all CPG participants. Choosing to commit to a sport for weeks requires commitment and support from parents and guardians. Your engagement and understanding will make the difference for your child and their positive participation in the sport, and respect towards staff is very important. We respectfully ask the following:

• Treat participants, athletes, families, visitors, and staff with courtesy, respect and understanding;

• Encourage your child in their best efforts and always play by the rules

• Remember that your child is involved in gymnastics for their enjoyment, not yours.

• Allow the coach to do the coaching. Trust the process the coaches use to instruct the fundamentals of physical literacy through the sport of gymnastics. We strive to foster your child in a way that they excel in the sport. Let us to do our job the best way that we know how. While it is in your child's best interest that you are supportive and interested in their gymnastics training, it is imperative that the coaching be left to the coaches. Please refrain from addressing your child when the class is in session, for any reason whatsoever. If there is an emergency, please contact the office or get the attention of the coach to talk to your child. It's important that the child does not get distracted while training. This is for the safety of the child and the class

Parent and Tot class- Parents are asked to stay off their devices for the duration of the class. The idea of this class is to have the parent attentive and involved. In the event that the parent is frequently distracted, the coach reserves the right to speak with the parent and potentially remove the participant from class.

• Please schedule a time to talk to the coach should you have any concerns. Parents are requested to not engage the coach about their child’s training just before a class starts. Please ask the coach if they have time after class to talk to you. If the coach is not available immediately after, please feel free to email the office. Your questions will be addressed as promptly as possible. Parents are not allowed in the gym training area unless they have asked in advance and only due to special circumstances with their child.

• Encourage your child to be responsible towards training, have fun in a safe manner, and to learn, grow and excel. If your child is having any concerns, please feel free to contact the coach or the office. CPG communicates with all its members via emails, newsletters, social media posts, website, and notices around the facility. It is the responsibility of parents inform themselves on any updates/changes.

• Parents/guardians are not allowed to stay in the facility. We do not have a viewing area and there is not space inside the gym to safely have parents/guardians watch. Due to privacy reasons, parents are not allowed to photograph or video their child while the child is in class. If you have consented to the media release, coaches and staff will photograph and/or video your child. CPG hosts an open house once every session for parents/guardians to observe their children's skills. (Information regarding open houses will be on the notice for the next semester).

Coaches/staff Code of Conduct:

Coaches and administrative staff are deeply committed to providing a positive, respectful and safe experience for each participant. To reach those goals, coaches and staff of Celestina Popa Gymnastics Inc. shall:

• Treat participants, athletes, colleagues, parents, volunteers and visitors with courtesy, respect and understanding; Honor commitments, word given, agreed objectives and always ensure decisions are taken equitably and respect the principles, rules, and policies in force;

• Always keep the participants' best interests first and foremost when delivering an CPG program or making operational decisions; use your authority wisely and only in the best interests of your gymnasts;

• Ensure a safe environment by selecting activities and establishing controls that are suitable for the age, experience, ability, and fitness level of the involved participants;

• Provide participants and their parents/guardians with the information necessary to be involved in the decisions that affect the participant;

• Report parent concerns to their program Head Coach;

• Follow the "rule of two", ensuring that any staff member is never out of sight with a child;

• Follow the mandate of Respect in Sport - to empower people to recognize and prevent bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination;

Results of unacceptable behaviour within the facility by participant: Maturity, intellectual, social, and emotional capacity of participants are considered while determining consequences. Coaches will…

• attempt to teach acceptable social, and training behaviours

• be fair, consistent, thoughtful and empathetic to all parties involved

• attempt to prevent a recurrence of any such acts/behaviours

• determine a suitable action that will be taken before the participant/member can return to the facility

Participants who are noncompliant, impolite (verbal/physical language), unable to regulate themselves, or lack engaged participation, may be required to withdraw from the program.

Let's take to heart the spirit of Celestina Popa Gymnastics Inc. in every aspect of training and life: Have fun while learning!


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