Kindergym Program

Program is offered for boys and girls ages 2 to 5 years old. For info about the programs, down on this page.

Please read our Communicable Disease Plan

Registration for the WINTER 2023 Semester, January 3rd to March 11th is ONLINE


Click on Uplifter link: and the 'login' page will be presented. Follow the instructions listed on the website to create an account. MEMBER = PARENT/GUARDIAN and is the parent's/guardian's information. PARTICIPANT = CHILD and is their information.

Once you have created your account, start adding your children into the “participants.” The registration page will then become visible to you once you have created your account. On the side of the Registration Program page you can filter the classes.

Now that you have found your class -click 'Register' -and you then are able to 'Add Participant' or click on the bar and select the child you would like to register under that class.

NEW MEMBERS MUST ADD THE MEMBERSHIP FEE! ($50). Click "add subscription" and select "2022-2023 Membership fee)

• Once you have selected and registered your child click 'View Cart' and proceed to the checkout.

• If you have created an account and the class is full, please proceed and put your child on the waitlist and once a spot is opened up you will be notified via the email you have registered with and will be given up to 3 DAYS to register before the next person on the waitlist will be notified.

• IF YOUR CHILD IS REGISTERED IN A CLASS ALREADY, PLEASE DO NOT PUT THEM ON THE WAITLIST FOR ANOTHER DAY. Most classes are almost full and the chance of moving classes is low.

We will cancel your request to waitlist to make space for someone that did not get in any classes. Registering in two classes is acceptable.

• You have a total of maximum 30 MINUTES to process your registration. If you leave your classes in your cart and leave the page your classes will NO LONGER be visible to you. Please make sure you check out and proceed with payment in order to secure a spot in the class. DOUBLE CHECK BEFORE paying that you’ve selected the correct day, time and level for your child.

Please complete the waiver beginning with your child's age at the top right corner.

YOU ARE ABLE TO REGISTER MORE THAN ONE CHILD AT A TIME! If you want all of your children to be registered in our program and you want to coordinate classes/time - please make sure you have all their information in and ready.

If you run into a problem, please do not hesitate to email right away at

For registration form, please click here

Parent & Tot: 2-3 Years old

The fundamental principle is that children learn through play and that it is central to all young children's learning from birth through school years and beyond. Our Parent & Tot class encourage exploration of the equipment, playing games with fundamental positions of gymnastics, dancing to music and developing social skills.

Parent Responsabilities

Stay with your child at all times.

Listen to and cooperate with your child's coach.

Encourage your child to take turns and wait in line.

Look to the instructor for help with spotting techniques and skill progression. Feel free to ask for more information when needed.

Please do not talk on the cell phones during class and no food or beverages are permitted in the gym.

Have fun in the gym!


For Kindergym class: Kids must be at least 3.5y when the program starts and be able to participate by themselves!

Kindergym: 3 1/2 - 5 Years old

Kids are ready to participate independetly and are able to follow directions. This class incorporates fun games, gymnastics skills and a lot of jumping, balance and strenght. Kids must be at least 3.5y when the program starts and be able to participate by themself!

Kids should improve their overall strenght and coordination while learning new skills on the different apparatus.

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