Recreational Program

Recreational program is offered to boys and girls ages 5 to 15 years old. More info down on this page.

Please read our Communicable Disease Plan

Registration for the WINTER 2023 Semester, January 3rd to March 11th is ONLINE


Click on Uplifter link: and the 'login' page will be presented. Follow the instructions listed on the website to create an account. MEMBER = PARENT/GUARDIAN and is the parent's/guardian's information. PARTICIPANT = CHILD and is their information.

Once you have created your account, start adding your children into the “participants.” The registration page will then become visible to you once you have created your account. On the side of the Registration Program page you can filter the classes.

Now that you have found your class -click 'Register' -and you then are able to 'Add Participant' or click on the bar and select the child you would like to register under that class.

NEW MEMBERS MUST ADD THE MEMBERSHIP FEE! ($50). Click "add subscription" and select "2022-2023 Membership fee)

• Once you have selected and registered your child click 'View Cart' and proceed to the checkout.

• If you have created an account and the class is full, please proceed and put your child on the waitlist and once a spot is opened up you will be notified via the email you have registered with and will be given up to 3 DAYS to register before the next person on the waitlist will be notified.

• IF YOUR CHILD IS REGISTERED IN A CLASS ALREADY, PLEASE DO NOT PUT THEM ON THE WAITLIST FOR ANOTHER DAY. Most classes are almost full and the chance of moving classes is low.

We will cancel your request to waitlist to make space for someone that did not get in any classes. Registering in two classes is acceptable.

• You have a total of maximum 30 MINUTES to process your registration. If you leave your classes in your cart and leave the page your classes will NO LONGER be visible to you. Please make sure you check out and proceed with payment in order to secure a spot in the class. DOUBLE CHECK BEFORE paying that you’ve selected the correct day, time and level for your child.

Please complete the waiver beginning with your child's age at the top right corner.

YOU ARE ABLE TO REGISTER MORE THAN ONE CHILD AT A TIME! If you want all of your children to be registered in our program and you want to coordinate classes/time - please make sure you have all their information in and ready.

If you run into a problem, please do not hesitate to email right away at

The office will be open: Tuesdays/Thursdays from 4-6pm.

For registration form, please click here

These programs are for school-age kids, 5 years and older, and they will learn a modified CANGYM program, levels 1-5.

Level 1:

This program is for boys and girls; they will learn basic gymnastics skills, rolls front and back, handstand, cartwell, bridge, swings and pullovers on the bars, combinations on the beams, as well as safety in the gym.

VAULT:Running, jump on mini tramp squat on the table vaulting, jump down two feet; Running, jump two feet to a front roll on the cheese mat

BARS:Stand in front support 5 sec and front roll; Hold the feet at the bar for 5 sec and a back to front roll /"skin the cat"; Walk on the high bar side to side- 2 times; Lift your knees at your chest 10 times

BEAM: Walking forward / backward with kicks; Bear Walking, bunny jumps; Jumps on two feet ; Front support holds 10 sec; V sit 10 sec

FLOOR: Front /back support ; Forward roll; Shoulder stand; Hand stand at the wall 10 sec; climb the rope ; Bridge (5 sec); Cartwheel

Trampoline: Tuck jump, Star jump, Jump full turn /tornado, Donkey kicks, Seat drops/Bum Drop

RINGS: Hold up side down (invert) 10 sec; A back-to-front somersault /skin the cat

Level 2&3:

This program is for boys and girls; they have been in our program for at least one semester and want to continue gymnastics at recreational level without competing.

Level 2-SKILLS

Vault:Kick to handstand fall in to a bridge; Running jump on mini tramp/board, squat on, jump down two feet; Running jump two feet to a front roll on high cheese mat

Bars: Hold for 10 sec in L pick hang/straddle; Pull over on the low bar; 5 long swings; Lift your legs at the bar 5 times, on high bar; Climb half way on the rope

Beam: Walking with front, back kicks; Jumps on one leg; Kick to handstand ,step out on green mat; Cartwheel on the line/green mat; Bridge on green mat; 10 sec hold in a tuck, side ways

Floor: Front to back to front support (360 turn); Forward roll to standing on flat; Backward roll on the cheese mat; Hand stand at the box; Handstand -bridge -kick over at the box; Round off of a box

Fast track: Round off of fast track

Trampoline: Straddle jump; Pike jump; 10 donkey kicks with straight legs; Seat drops to knees and hands(dog)

Level 3-SKILLS

Vault: Running jump on mini tramp/board, squat on, front handspring off the vault; Running jump two feet to a front roll on the high mat

BARS: Hold for 10 sec in pick hang/straddle upside down ; Back hip circle on low bar; 5 long swings and pull over; Lift your legs at the bar 10 times, on high bar ; Climb all the way on the rope; 5 all the way push-ups

BEAM: Running, chasse, skipping; Scale front, side and back; Tuck, pike and star jump; Kick to handstand-lunge and cartwheel on low beam ; 10 sec hold in a pike and straddle (cross and side position)

Floor: Handstand -lunge ; Backward roll on flat mat ; handstand bridge standing up ; bridge from standing up kick over ; round off on the floor ; back hand spring on the barrel

Rings: 5 pike and arch (bit swings), back salto at the last one

Fast track: Front handspring off; Fly spring off

Trampoline: Split jump (right and left leg); Jump full turn /tornado, to a seat drop; Donkey kicks from knees up to hand stand; Seat drops to doggy drop, to front roll

Recreational 10y+ Years old(ages 10-15y)

Those classes are designed to accomodate older kids, who have some or no previous gymnastics experience.

Kids in this class will learn rolls, swings on the bars, hand stands and cartwheels, bridges and combinations on the beams, basic gymnastics skills. In the class will be also integrated flexibility and strenght.

Interclub Girls 7+

Through the Interclub category recreational gymnasts will have the opportunity to participate in gymnastics events and perform routins.

The BC Interclub Program is performance based and is meant to focus on the opportunity to perform rather then the content of the routine. The Interclub category is strictly intended for recreational participants.

For Interclub assestments, please contact Celestina by email, and also please read details on Competitive Program page! The athletes for these programs are assessed and selected by her!

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