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Please CLICK HERE to view our flyer with the SUMMER 2015 and FALL 2015 schedule and costs!

Registrations for SUMMER 2015 and FALL 2015 are ongoing!!! Registration can be done only in person, with a registration form and payment(cash or cheque only).

FOR SUMMER 2015: CURRENT members: NO NEW GBC FORM required just the registration forms for Summer Camps or for regular classes registration: please bring the notice given by the coach (optional)

FOR FALL 2015: ALL members(current and new): Please bring a NEW registration form completed with your child's info and with the payment (cash or cq payable to Celestina Popa Gymnastics) during office hours, for registration! CURRENT members: please bring also the notice given by the coach (optional).We accept 2 or more payments for parents that register 2 or more kids!

Starting June 20 the office will be open regular hours(Tues and Thurs from 4-7) and the registrations for SUMMER will be ongoing until AUG, and FALL will be ongoing until OCT

We accept 2 or 3 payments when 2 or more kids are registered, first portion due at the time of registration and the rest of the payment(s) due on the 1st or 15th of the next month(s)

Selections for COMPETITIVE programs are made by Celestina only, she will give notices to the selected athletes(members of our club) with information about the program and payment. If you are NOT a member of our club and wish to be assest in order to be in our Competitive Program, a $25 assestment fee(cash only) will be required and please send an e-mail to After selection: In order to secure your child's placement in the Competitive, Pre-Competitive, Interclub program, a deposit is required at the time of registration. The amounts for deposit and monthly payments are provided in the notices. Please provide post-dated cheques for the 1st of the month with specified amounts. No exception!

The gym and the office are closed on statutory holidays: Sept. 1(Mon)- Labour Day, Oct. 13(Mon) - Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 11(Tues)- Remembrance Day, Dec. 25(Thurs) - Christmas Day.

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Dear parents, you can pick-up Flyers with our program as well as Registration Forms(for programs or Birthday Parties) FROM THE DESK, for REGISTRATION AND INQUIRIES PLEASE COME WHEN THE OFFICE IS OPEN, DO NOT DISTURB THE CLASSES BECAUSE THE COACHES CAN'T LEAVE THE CLASS UNATTENDED TO TAKE REGISTRATIONS OR ANSWER QUESTIONS! Thank you for your understanding!

Please click here to read ALL the rules prior to registration about registration in our program and/or birthday parties, about refund policy and about our gym rules.

REMEMBER: We offer gym bodysuits at great prices from $17 to $35(tax included).Please CLICK HERE to see some of gym bodysuits. They can also wear stretchy shorts if they like. Male gymnasts are required to wear shorts. Cotton blends are excellent choices.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes an error can slip through and we appologize for this inconvenience! In the event of a printing error, the info and fees provided by our office or our web-site will be deemed accurate!

The gym and the office are CLOSED on statutory holidays, for a complete list of holidays please visit this page

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To contact us please click here!

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