Birthday Party

Parents, please read ALL the info on this page prior to booking, also please send us an e-mail for a faster response at to ask availability, phone messages will be answered only during the office hours. We also installed a DROP-OFF BOX inside the gym for birthday party papers/forms and payment, thank you!

SUMMER 2014- JULY TO AUG: we post the days and times STILL available for parties!

JULY 12 from 2.00-4.00( available)

JULY 26 from 12.30-2.30(available)

AUGUST 16 from 2.00-4.00(available)

Please send us an e-mail for availability and read all the rules and policies on this page BEFORE contacting us

In the gym(1 hour) - will start with fun games, warm-up and stretching, then we are exploring the equipment with some basic gymnastics skills; structured, organised and supervised by our coaches!

In the party room(1 hour) - we provide 2 cheese pizzas(please read the NOTE down this page!!!), water, plates, napkins and forks.

You bring the kids and cake!

Cost(TAX IS INCLUDED) : $150/party, for kids celebrating 3 years and older up to 10 kids (the guests can be any age 0y +); additional kids $15/child. CASH ONLY, please!

10 % OFF for members(of total cost)!

For kids under 4 years old we ask for parents' participation. Also for kids with disabilities we ask for parents participation.

We require a down payment of $50(cash only, please), non-refundable, at the time of booking and the rest at the time of the party. If you reserve a day/time over the phone/email, we will keep that reservation for 48 hours, after that, if the $50 are not paid, you lose the reservation. Minimum charge is $150, even if there are less then 10 kids per party. All the kids participating in the gym at the birthday party will be included in the number of kids/party(meaning the birthday child, siblings and guests). If one of the guests is late, the cost/guest will not be prorated(meaning is still $15/child).

You can download this form for registration, complete with your child info and bring it with your payment at our gym. When you arrive at the party, please bring a list with names, date of birth and phone number for all kids.

CLICK HERE to print your birthday party invitations with our location! 4 invitations/page, please print first page then print second page on the back of the first one!

NOTE: The birthday parties are for kids, not adults! Adults are required to participate only for kids under 4 years old but they are not included for food (pizza), in this case only, you can bring extra food for parents! If you wish, bring extra food for kids, especially if you know some of them have food allergies or are on special diet, but please limit the food for kids only! We understand that the other parents want to contribute/participate to the party, but our space is limited! We don't order more pizza at your request and we don't make substitutions for other types of pizza! For all the parties we have the same package, no extra pizza and no substitutions!If the bouncy house was requested at the time of booking then it will be used on the last 10-15 min of the gym time.

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To contact us please click here!

Unit A, 20120 115A Ave, Maple Ridge, V2X 0Z4



One of our Birthday Party rooms

One of the two Bithday party rooms Entering the gym and the fun begins!!!

Entering the gym


Bars/rings for little ones!


Using the rope!

Bouncing castle!

Bouncing castle!!

Bouncing castle, full image.