Registration and rules

To All Participants of Celestina Popa Gymnastics

Welcome to our club! We strive to ensure that your child's gymnastics experience is a positive and rewarding one. Gymnastics is a great building tool for improving gross motor skills, flexibility, coordination, strenght and it promotes self-confidence. Safety is an important aspect of gymnastics activities, and we would like to ask for your cooperation in implementing our rules. Here we go!

Please read our COVID-19 Safety Plan prior to registration.

-Registration is first come first served.

- In addition to class fee we will charge an yearly registration/insurance fee (valid from Sept 1 until Aug 31 next year).

-The class price is calculated per semester and will be pro-rated only for the members that register after the semester starts!

- Payment to be made at time of registration. We accept cash , cq and E-Transfer at this email :

- 10% DISCOUNT for any additional children enrolled.

- 10% DISCOUNT of second class when same athlete is registered(same semester).

- For parents registering 2 or more kids(same family, siblings): We accept 2 payments ; first half of payment is due at the time of registration and second half is due after 30 days-max(after the first payment), please bring a post-dated cheque at the time of registration for the second payment.If two payments are made, a receipt will be given only after the last payment is made.

The gym and the office are CLOSED on statutory holidays

- Female gymnasts can wear a leotard/bodysuit or an athletic one-piece bathing suit. We offer gym bodysuits/leotards at a great prices from $20 to $35(tax included) . They can also wear stretchy t-shirts and shorts if they like. Male gymnasts are required to wear shorts. Cotton blends are excellent choices. Bare feet inside the gym.


-We do not have a viewing area. No adults are permitted in the gym. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis (medical needs, anxiety etc).

-Drop off is only available at the front entrance and we have parking available at the back of our building. Do not park in other businesses’ parking lots

- Arrive to the gym 5 minutes early

- Parents please pick up your children on time. When classes are completed, all athletes must leave promptly.

-Please notify us by email if your child will miss training

- Please send a water bottle with your kids , we do not have a water fountain.

Refund Policy

1. If the session has not yet started (at least 14 days prior to commencement) all members are eligible for a refund of the full session’s cost less a $20.00 administration fee.

2. NO REFUNDS will be issued after the second class. For withdrawals after the first class but before the second class, $100.00 will be retained per child to cover the cost of the first class ($20.00), administration fee ($20.00) and GBC insurance ($60.00).

3. Credit will only be given mid-session to athletes with serious injuries (i.e. fractures) and a doctor's note. A pro-rated credit will be issued for the balance of the remaining classes to be used for the next available session ONLY

4. No credit or refund will be issued if a second child (sibling) is withdrawn.

5. In the case of a Covid-19 gym closure of more than 2 weeks, a pro-rated credit will be issued for the next available session ONLY.

6. Illness or self isolation: Unfortunately, no refunds nor credits will be provided for illness or isolation.

7. Make Up Classes: We are at full capacity and we are not able to offer make up classes.

8. Cancelled classes will be announced on our website at, our Facebook page, or please listen to our answering machine at 604-459-4458 if you are in doubt.

Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) cheques: NSF cheques will be subject to a $20.00 administration fee. Replacement payment, including the NSF charge, must be paid by CASH or E-Transfer only. Payment not received within 10 days of a NSF cheque constitutes withdrawal from classes.

Our refund policy applies to all our recreational programs including FALL, WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER CAMPS.

Thank you for your continued support!

Attention: All participants entering the facility must comply with this declaration.

Please follow club staff directives and club requirements in Celestina Popa Gymnastics and agree to respect the following information outlined in this document:

Please stay home if:

-you are felling unwell, have fever, coughing and headache.

-you travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days

-if you are investigated for Covid -19 or tested positive within the last 10 days

Please wash hands often

By attending club activities, I understand and assume all risks associated with potential exposure of COVID-19.

• Masks are mandatory to all participants aged 5y+, participants are not required to wear masks during physical activity.

- At the time of registration, please let us know about any disability your child has or allergies.


The club accepts payments from any organization that sponsors low income families( JumpStart, KidSport, etc.). You are still required to make the full payment for the classes at the time of registration, please mention the organization's name when registering. When the cheques arrives from your sponsors we will refund the amount you paid. If the amount given by organization is less then the cost/semester, the parents must pay the difference.



Regular prices from $20 to $35. Please ask for assistance during office hours or after the class to view our selection! Support our community by buying local! We offer locally made leotards at affordable prices!

For Parents of Pre-Competitive, Interclub Athletes:

Selection for these program is made by Celestina only, she will give notices to the selected athletes with information about the program and payment. If you are NOT a member of our club and wish to be assest, a $25 assestment fee(cash only) will be required and please send an e-mail to

Withdrawing from the program must be received in writing, one month notice is required.

Unfortunately, telephone cancellations will not be considered valid. Students withdrawing permanently from program will have cheques returned, with the exception of the month in progress.

NSF fee is $20.

Please check our program on the right pane!

Unit A, 20120 115A Ave, Maple Ridge, V2X 0Z4