Recreational Program

Recreational program is offered to boys and girls ages 5 to 16 years old. More info down on this page.

Parents: Please save your receipts for your Income Tax and use it for "Children's fitness amount". If you lost or can't find your receipts a copy can be picked-up when the office is open, unfortunately we don't send receipts by e-mail or mail.


We're having TRYOUTS for our PRE-COMPETITIVE team!!! Please CLICK HERE for details!!!!

SPRING Program 2016 ~ March 29-June 25

Registrations for SPRING 2016 IS OVER!Registration for SUMMER Program 2016 and FALL Program 2016 is ongoing!!! Check down this page for schedule and cost!

Last week of classes is JUNE 20-25!

For office schedule, please check our contact us page, thank you!

SUMMER Program 2016 ~ July 4-August 26

Registration for SUMMER Program 2016 starts on MAY 24

During this summer we offer REGULAR CLASSES (Level 1, Level 2/3 for all age groups) in the month of July AND Aug as shown below AND also SUMMER CAMPS of 2.5H for kids 4y and older

For office schedule, please check our contact us page, thank you!

Summer CLASSES for Girls and Boys

During the Summer we will have TWO sessions of regulas classes, you can register for one session or BOTH sessions:

• Session 1: July 4-29(4 weeks)

• Session 2: August 8-26 (3 weeks)

PARENTS: please check on the schedule when the class is offered, for both sessions or just for one of the sessions before you come in to register!

rec 2014

COST (cash or cheque only, ALL TAXES ARE INCLUDED!)

Session 1: July 4-29(4 weeks)

LEVEL 1 ( 5-7 y, 8-10y ~ 1H), Acro/Flex/Fit(8y+), Parkour/Fitness(8y+)(1H): $60/child

LEVEL 2/3(5-7 y, 8-10 y ~ 1.5 H class): $80/child

Session 2: August 8-26 (3 weeks)

LEVEL 1 ( 5-7 y, 8-10y ~ 1H), Acro/Flex/Fit(8y+), Parkour/Fitness(8y+)(1H): $45/child

LEVEL 2/3(5-7 y, 8-10 y ~ 1.5 H class): $60/child

NEW members: please add $10/child for Summer Insurance and membership

NO discount is given for the summer classes or camps!

PARKOUR/FITNESS class(age 8y+)-NEW!!!

Parkour is a method of physical training that develops one’s ability to overcome obstacles. Parkour includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, quadrupedal movement, and other movements as deemed most suitable for the situation.

While there is no official list of "moves" in parkour, the style in which practitioners move often sets them apart from other and there are a number of movements considered fundamental. Some examples of common movements are:

• Vaulting over obstacles

• Jumping and landing accurately with the feet on small or narrow obstacles

• Learning gymnastics skills, eg. handstands, cartwheels, side-dive roll

• Using a rolling motion to help absorb impacts from larger drops

• Moving from a position hanging from a wall-top or ledge, to standing on the top or over to the other side

Also the class will address the "Fitness" part of the parkour, meaning strength training, flexibility and cardio(some eg. V snaps, chin-ups, push-ups etc)


This program is designed for advanced athletes that want to improve or learn difficult skills for their routines, improve their flexibility and strength, therefore a minimum of basic skills is A MUST!

PRE REQUIREMENTS: Front /back support ; Forward roll; Backward roll; Shoulder stand; Hand stand at the wall 10 sec; Bridge (5 sec); Cartwheel(done properly, straight hands and legs, no bend knees); Round-off

ACROBATIC SKILLS(that we will work on): front and back walkover, front and back handspring, flyspring, side/front aerial.

FLEXIBILITY and FITNESS: in this class will be included flexibility training, strength training



WED from 7.00-7.45

Cost: Session 1(July 4-29(4 weeks))-$60, Session 2(August 8-26 (3 weeks))-$45.

Summer CAMPS for Girls and Boys(AGES 4Y + )

camp 2016

COST: $90/CHILD/SUMMER CAMP WEEK (cash or cq only, all tax incl.)

New members: please add Summer GBC- $10.00/child

Our Summer Camps feature:

• 2.5 Hours camps for girls and boys ages 4 Y and older organised as follows:

o 1.45H IN THE GYM: gymnastics skills development(Level 1, beginner), fun, organized games,

o 45min IN THE PARTY ROOM: arts and crafts, snack break (snack is NOT INCLUDED, please send kids with healthy snacks and water bottle!)

• all programs supervised by certified coaching staff

NOTE: Summer Camps are for kids age 4 and up, Please send kids with comfortable clothes and healthy snacks (no pop, candy or gum)!! Please read our gym rules and policy PRIOR to registration! We reserve the right to cancel the camps and classes if there is low or no registration. In the event of a printing error, the info and fees provided by our office or our web-site will be deemed accurate!

Registration is first come first served. We don't automatically hold a spot from one semester to another for our members! Payment has to be made at the time of registration, cash or cheque(payable to Celestina Popa Gymnastics), therefore telephone and e-mail registrations will not be considered valid.

The gym and the office are closed on statutory holidays(2016): Family Day(February 8, Monday),Good Friday(March 25, Friday),Easter Monday(March 28, Monday),Victoria Day(May 23, Monday),Canada Day(July 1, Friday ),Civic Holiday(August 1, Monday ),Labour Day(September 5, Monday),Thanksgiving(October 10, Monday ),Remembrance Day(November 11, Friday ),Christmas Day(December 25, Sunday)

Our program is subject to change due to low registration and depends on demand. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

Please check our NEWS!!! section for the latest news!

FALL Program 2016 ~ Sept. 6- Dec. 17

You can check the program, schedule and cost, on our flyer HERE , TO REGISTER PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS form , complete with the child info and bring it with your payment(cash or cheque) when the office is open!

For office schedule, please check our contact us page, thank you!

NOTE: Due to demand, THURS classes will start at 3.15 instead of 3.00 as previously was advertised!!!

Please click REFRESH when viewing our program because we update frequently!

rec 2014

The cost per semester, per child, one time a week(meaning 1 class of 1h a week or 1 class of 1.5h a week)!!! (cash or cheque only, ALL TAXES ARE INCLUDED!):

LEVEL 1 ( 5-7 y, 8-10y ~ 1H), Rec 11y+(1H): $230/CHILD/SEMESTER/1H A WEEK CLASS

LEVEL 2/3(5-7 y, 8-10 y ~ 1.5 H class): $320/CHILD/SEMESTER/1.5H A WEEK CLASS

*MONDAY CLASSES ONLY: 1H class-$200.00 AND 1.5H class-280.00. First day of classes for MONDAY will be SEPT. 12 also NO CLASSES ON: Thanksgiving Day(OCT 10) and Halloween(OCT 31).

CASH OR CHEQUE ONLY. Please make the cq payable to Celestina Popa Gymnastics.

CURRENT MEMBERS: please bring the notice given by the coach(to make sure you register in the correct level/age group) and payment for registration.

ALL MEMBERS must register with Gymnastics BC starting every SEPT, please complete a GBC form and pay the annualy membership of $30/athlete(no discount, the membership includes: Gymnastics BC insurance, Gymnastics Canada membership and our club membership), which is valid from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31 next year, besides the class fee!!!

10% OFF class fee for second athlete/sibling(of lower fee). For Insurance GBC+Membership( $30/child), NO discount for that fee.

We accept 2 or more payments for families with 2 or more kids in our program!!! First portion of the payment due at the time of registration, please make cq payable to Celestina Popa Gymnastics Inc. A receipt will be issued when the last payment is made, please save your receipts for your income tax next year.

NOTE: FALL Program 2016 is subject to change.Please check our web-site for more info and read our policies PRIOR to registration.

 Popa Toma

These programs are for school-age kids, 5 years and older, and they will learn a modified CANGYM program, levels 1-5.

Please click here to read ALL the rules prior to registration about registration in our program and/or birthday parties, about refund policy and about our gym rules.

 Popa Toma

Level 1: 5-7 Years old, 8-10 Years old

This program is for boys and girls; they will learn basic gymnastics skills, rolls front and back, handstand, cartwell, bridge, swings and pullovers on the bars, combinations on the beams, as well as safety in the gym.

Trampoline: Tuck jump, Star jump, Jump full turn /tornado, Donkey kicks, Seat drops/Bum Drop

VAULT:Running, jump on mini tramp squat on the table vaulting, jump down two feet; Running, jump two feet to a front roll on the cheese mat

BARS:Stand in front support 5 sec and front roll; Hold the feet at the bar for 5 sec and a back to front roll /"skin the cat"; Walk on the high bar side 2 times; Lift your knees at your chest 10 times

BEAM: Walking forward / backward with kicks; Bear Walking, bunny jumps; Jumps on two feet ; Front support holds 10 sec; V sit 10 sec

FLOOR: Front /back support ; Forward roll; Shoulder stand; Hand stand at the wall 10 sec; Bridge (5 sec); Cartwheel

RINGS: Hold up side down (invert) 10 sec; A back-to-front somersault /skin the cat

 Popa Toma

Level 2&3: 5-7 Years old, 8-10 Years old

This program is for boys and girls; they have been in our program for at least one semester and want to continue gymnastics at recreational level without competing.

Level 2-SKILLS

Trampoline: Straddle jump; Pike jump; 10 donkey kicks with straight legs; Seat drops to knees and hands(dog)

Vault:Kick to handstand fall in to a bridge; Running jump on mini tramp/board, squat on, jump down two feet; Running jump two feet to a front roll on high cheese mat

Bars: Hold for 10 sec in L pick hang/straddle; Pull over on the low bar; 5 long swings; Lift your legs at the bar 5 times, on high bar; Climb half way on the rope

Beam: Walking with front, back kicks; Jumps on one leg; Kick to handstand ,step out on green mat; Cartwheel on the line/green mat; Bridge on green mat; 10 sec hold in a tuck, side ways

Floor: Front to back to front support (360 turn); Forward roll to standing on flat; Backward roll on the cheese mat; Hand stand at the box; Handstand -bridge -kick over at the box; Round off of a box

Fast track: Round off of fast track

 Popa Toma

Level 3-SKILLS

Trampoline: Split jump (right and left leg); Jump full turn /tornado, to a seat drop; Donkey kicks from knees up to hand stand; Seat drops to doggy drop, to front tuck

Vault: Running jump on mini tramp/board, squat on, front handspring off the vault; Running jump two feet to a front roll on the high mat

BARS: Hold for 10 sec in pick hang/straddle upside down ; Back hip circle on low bar; 5 long swings and pull over; Lift your legs at the bar 10 times, on high bar ; Climb all the way on the rope; 5 all the way push-ups

BEAM: Running, chasse, skipping; Scale front, side and back; Tuck, pike and star jump; Kick to handstand-lunge and cartwheel on low beam ; 10 sec hold in a pike and straddle (cross and side position)

Floor: Handstand -lunge ; Backward roll on flat mat ; handstand bridge standing up ; bridge from standing up kick over ; round off on the floor ; back hand spring on the barrel

Rings: 5 pike and arch (bit swings), back salto at the last one

Fast track: Front handspring off; Fly spring off

Recreational 11y+ Years old(ages 11-15y)

Those classes are designed to accomodate older kids, who have some or no previous gymnastics experience.

Kids in this class will learn rolls, swings on the bars, hand stands and cartwheels, bridges and combinations on the beams, basic gymnastics skills. In the class will be also integrated flexibility and strenght.

 Popa Toma

Interclub Girls 7+

Through the Interclub category recreational gymnasts will have the opportunity to participate in gymnastics events and perform routins.

The BC Interclub Program is performance based and is meant to focus on the opportunity to perform rather then the content of the routine. The Interclub category is strictly intended for recreational participants.

 Popa Toma Popa Toma

For Junior Olympics, Pre-Competitive and Interclub assestments, please contact Celestina by email, and also please read details on Competitive Program page! The athletes for these programs are assessed and selected by her!

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